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Medical Services

We provide the best Medical Billing Services at lowest possible prices. We’re not trying to lock you into a long term contracts or sell you software. We provide medical billing services tailored to your needs. We work with most software platforms, with customer focused team. We are the true billing experts. On-boarding process is easy and seamless. We can get you started within 5-7 days. Our goal is to provide you the best services and move your practice towards financial stability and profitability.

Medical Billing

We provide Medical Billing services in New Jersey NJ, we will post, review and submit all office charges, hospital visits, surgeries, diagnostic and laboratory tests, to ensure accuracy, completeness and proper coding.

Claims management

Our automatically updated rules engine lets us catch claims errors before they’re made, resulting in a 94% first-pass resolution rate.

Revenue cycle dashboard

Easily access revenue cycle tasks and patient information from a single dashboard.

Patient check in

Collect patient payments at time of service—easily—and verify patient insurance eligibility, in advance or in real-time.

Performance reporting

Detailed, on-demand, real-time reports, based on other athenahealth clients like you, establish benchmarks that drive better results.


Most providers do their own Coding. But if your practice need Coding help, we've Certified Coders available. Our Coders work with all specialties, they can help you maximize revenue.

Medical coding is the transformation of narrative descriptions of diseases, injuries, and healthcare procedures into numeric or alphanumeric designations (that is, code numbers). The code numbers are detailed in order to accurately describe the diagnoses (that is, what is wrong with the patient) and the procedures performed to test or correct these diagnoses. Because medicine is not always an exact science, codes were developed to identify all reasons for seeking healthcare.

If your practice is looking to review, audit or update your medical coding practices then feel free to contact us. Millennium Medical Billing can take care of your medical coding needs!

Revenue Cycle Management

We are a team of business minded, forward thinking, efficient and analytical people, all what you look for in a Revenue Cycle Management company. We have all the capabilities needed to improve and accelerate your medical billing & revenue cycle management process, so you can achieve higher productivity, faster payments, decreased costs, and improved patient service.

We offer medical consulting and revenue cycle services for medical practitioners to help improve and streamline your practice. Auditing physician charges and billing practices are burdensome, but it will typically yield improved claims management processes, cash flow and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Whether you are a single health care provider or a group practice, we can help you achieve advance business performance with our medical billing revenue cycle management service.

We take responsibility for :

  • Measuring quality outcomes
  • Work flow acceleration
  • Proactive Revenue Cycle Management

Cost Analysis

Based on your preference we offer bi-weekly or monthly reports for your practice. We can also customize reports to fit your practice needs. Reports will show complete picture.

Cardiology Deparments

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Primary Care

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Lab Test

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Symptom Check

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Heart Rate

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